My Twenty twelve theme changed

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    I haven’t been on in a while, but when I logged on the other day, I noticed that several things are different. I can no longer find the link to my original CSS file and my slideshow gallery now has a black border that I had once removed. I check my custom CSS information and the information to remove that border is still there and yet the border has reappeared.


    The blog I need help with is


    Hey alyssarleneevents
    This forum is for blogs hosted by meaning like (
    For self hoisted blogs/sites here’s the forum


    It is a site, I just bought my own domain name with an upgrade.


    And about your issue, I guess you were able to rectify it. Coz the site looks customized with your styles


    @castelinokelvin, check out the footer link to to tell if a site is It’s possible to set up a custom domain for I have to say though, I totally appreciate you chiming in to help!!

    @alyssarleneevents, one of our developers had been making updates to the slideshow feature. It does look like you were able to sort out the issue, but this forum is just the right place to post if you run into issues like that. Sorry I’ve been a bit behind in reviewing CSS issues lately. The holidays have been busy!


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