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Why is my upgrade unavailable?

  1. 3delamadrugada


    i just renewed my space upgrade, but actually in my web it says i have only 3gb of space, offering my to buy the space upgrade if i want 5 gb... but it´s already done!!!
    down here you have the mail you sent to me confirming it. please, help me soon, as i use this service so often.



    > Dear david,
    > The following upgrade was purchased or renewed successfully:
    > Item: 5GB for
    > Cost: $19.97
    > ==============================
    > TOTAL: $19.97
    > [transaction ID removed]
    > Thanks for blogging at!
    Blog url:

  2. andrewspittle

    I see the upgrade renewed properly and I also see 8GB of total space listed in your Media tab.

    If you still see 5GB listed there can you upload a screenshot to your blog? Thanks!

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