My Upgrades cannot be cancelled

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    I have two “upgrades” that are set to automatically renew and that have a dollar value cost associated with them. I wish to cancel these upgrades, but cannot find any way of doing so. Under STORE > MY UPGRADES it lists the two upgrades in question, but there’s no links to cancel or transfer them, as opposed to the way the help page describes it. Anyone seen this before?

    The upgrades are “No Ads” and “Custom Design”
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Did you try clicking “Store” and then “Domains” and on the page that opened I found a “Disable Auto Renew” link.


    Sorry – I kept searching after posting and, of course, finally found a reference that explained the problem. The upgrades were purchased by a previous manager of the blog who doesn’t work here anymore. After puzzling out his old account info, I logged in as him and the appropriate links were available to cancel the auto-renews.

    Thanks, all!



    Thanks for the update and best wishes with this.

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