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    My website suddenly doesn’t show up under its URL. My company and URL is:

    However, since about December 2012, when I now put in the URL, the website doesn’t appear. I can only get access to the website when I google, Origine Art. Then the URL appears that has “wordpress” in the URL, and reads:

    I am unsure why this has happened. Could you advise me how I can get the URL,, to work again since this is the URL I am promoting to customers.

    Many thanks,

    The blog I need help with is


    Could your domain have expired?


    Thanks. No, I renewed my domain at the correct time, it’s all up to date. It’s a mystery to me…



    Your domain name does send me to the correct place but you are doing some sort of domain forwarding and masking which means that your domain name that you are promoting will never have any search engine “juice” i.e. they will never see it –

    You should be using domain mapping then your domain name be recognized by the search engines and show up with individual page links to your blog (this is what I do for my site)


    Thank you very much. Oh dear, I really don’t know how this has happened or what to do about getting rid of “masking” and using “domain mapping” and what this all means. But thank you anyway.



    Follow the instructions in the link I gave above – be aware that your email will stop working when you do and will need to be re-configured – see below for some more info


    Thank you. I have tried to digest all the information in the link you provided, but cannot see anything about renewing/upgrading a domain, only registering a new one. I have no idea how to reconfigure an email either. I think this is all a bit beyond my capabilities I’m afraid. Can anyone do any of this for me for a fee or something? I just want to make it work as it has been doing up until recently.


    Hello. Can you help me? I already sign up for my wordpress account and I had decorate it and post 1 post. Why are my links

    cant be opened by everyone. If you try to copy my links and search using and etc it cant be opened?? it said that the results you had search are not found.

    Help me please




    but cannot see anything about renewing/upgrading a domain

    You renew your domain name with your existing Registrar which might also be your host –

    Did you move from a different site to start using your WordPress.COM in November?

    There are people that configure sites for hire – I however don’t –

    On the plus side – your does send you to the right place – you are not getting search engine links to the domain you are giving out – but the search engine sends traffic to the correct site but the “right” name is not in the browser address bar – not so good but also not the end of the world –

    Who set up the way your domain name is configured? Can you ask them for assistance?



    @dzealousconsultancy – please open a new thread for your question – click on the link below to do that – else your question which is not at all related to this thread will get lost and confuse people – and you may not get timely help – thanks


    Thank you. My domain name has indeed been renewed with my hosting company, that has been done some time ago. I was led to believe there is also a renewal that needs to happen here on word press in addition to that. I did nothing new at all since I started with wordpress last year in April. I registered the domain name with a hosting site, and set up the website with wordpress. All was fine for some time until recently at the beginning of this year.

    I asked for assistance from the person who set up the domain name and wordpress, but they are not an expert. They merely suggested I renew the domain name, which had already taken place.

    I cannot see the URL whenever I put it into the URL bar, only if I google it, and then it takes me to wordpress URL not the full URL.

    Many thanks.

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