MY URL is still not working

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    Can someone please click on my like

    the message i get is

    “Not Found

    Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help”

    I am new do this and i deleted the Hello World Page.. I realize that was a mistake, i tried restoring it, but that did not work, i have tried posting Tests’ that does not work.. how do i get my URL to work again? I am knew to this and tired and frustrated.

    Thank you
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    i realize my grammer sucked in the above post. that should have been please click on my link not my like.



    You need to go to Dashboard->Posts->ADD NEW and write a new post.



    You are correct you have both offered this advice.

    I have tried it but it is not working..

    Maybe i am doing something wrong, do i add a post or a page? i have tried both but they are not working..

    when i add a post, the WordPress Editor automatically adds either a slug for or the date to the end of the URL, which means that the URL remains unused. and shows up as page not foud.

    i know i am doing something wrong, but there has to be something to allow me to edit that page..


    Just to prove that i am a full fledged idiot. when i went into the trash section for PAGES – not posts as i had been doing, i realized that i had deleted the ABOUT page..

    Thanks for the help and patience..



    You add a Post, not a Page. Page-based websites are near-invisible to search engines and that’s not what you want.

    I see you set the blog to open on the About page and deleted it. You’ll be better off with a site that opens on the blog posts page, just in terms of visibility and interest.



    If you set the blog posts page as the landing page, every single post shows up on that page. You don’t see the effect till you have about five posts, but trust us.


    Thanks Both very much for the help and advise, i will look into making those changes in the morning..

    You were both very fast in responding, i was just very slow in understanding.

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