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My user´s email address has changed automatically

  1. Hi, this morning my user´s email address has changed automatically, and now my email address is "[email redacted]", but i have not change it.

    Now, when i receive an email from my blog because a new comment added, for example, that mail say me the email is duplicate.

    Anybody can help me?

    Thanks ando sorry my english.

  2. Bets bet would be to change it back and send in a feedback to staff to make them aware that something like this has occured.

    probably changing your password would be a good idea as well.

  3. Thanks but when i try to change it, the system say me that another user is used it.


    edit: the email only has change in the "users" section on my blog, in the "general options" the email its ok.

  4. I'd go with the feedback option then. Just be sure to give as much details as possible.

  5. I have solved the problem. I dont know how, an account that i created long ago and i never had used had the same email that mine. I deleted that account and solved problem.

    Thanks for the aid drmike.

  6. Not a problem :)

  7. My email says the same thing: dupe-2- and then my e-mail.

  8. Tried to remove that account and this is what shows up
    You have specified these users for removal:

    ID #892601: nico1 The current user will not be removed.
    There are no valid users selected for removal

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