My view numbers are too high and have been for 4 days

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    My blog view numbers suddenly increased on the 19th and have stayed pretty high since then. I don’t believe the numbers add up since referrers haven’t increased and clicks haven’t been increased. I also have a Sitemeter widget on the site and the visits/page views on Sitemeter are way less than WordPress is reporting.

    Has something changed on WordPress’s side, have I done something wrong or is there a new search engine bot that WordPress isn’t filtering out?



    I did have a similar experience some time ago when some place was crawling my site and I’d get heaps of hits in a few seconds.

    I wrote to them and they excluded me from their crawls.

    Check the detail in your sitemeter and see if that gives any clues – but in my case Sitemeter was picking it up and you say your sitemeter isn’t. It coudl still be something similar, if you can track it down.



    Without the URL of your blog and a copy/paste of some stats, there’s no way we can shed any insight.


    So now I know there’s something wrong with WordPress’s stats collection.

    I put an image on a server I control in the side bar. When a browser loads the page, the image is loaded from my server and I have a log entry for it.

    I watched my WordPress stats go up by 9 views without the image being loaded at all.

    WordPress’s stats used to work in a similar way and it looks like the noscript fall back is still image based.

    So why, I have to wonder, are the views increasing from a JavaScript executing but an image not loading. The only thing I can think is that the site is being scraped by a bot that ignores images and yet executes scripts and WordPress is not filtering out the bot traffic.

    I guess it’s an argument for hosting your own site in the end.

    By blog is at: and I’m not sure which stats you’d like me to paste or what you’d learn from them.



    Here’s the bottom line
    Sitemeter, Statcounter, WordPress stats and all the other thrid p[arty vistor trackers stats will never agree. Each one of them decides how and what they will count as a hit. Some count page views and some count unique visitors. Therefore, use any of the stats counters only as a general guide to hits.

    Hits, Page Views, Unique Visitors

    What is a hit? In web analytics, a hit is any request for a file from a web server. By request means a hit calculates page content delivered, all images to complete that page, and any additional files that need to be loaded to make the web page you are looking at, appear the way it does.

    What is a page view? A page view is a request to load a single page of an internet site that results from a page request from a web surfer clicking on a link on another HTML page which is pointing to the page in question.

    What is a unique visitor? A unique visitor is access from a single IP to a web server that generates page views and hits during a particular visit. When a visitor has cookies disabled, there is no way of establishing if they are a unique visitor or not.

    Understand that an application that is not running on the same servers your blog is on is going to be susceptible to wild fluctuations. This is because all hits have to be transferred over the internet to different servers, and there are literally thousands of things that can go wrong between the server your blog is on and the server at the stats place.

    Also be aware of the possibility that the software or hardware at the stats place may be broken and not recording, or counting things as intended.

    This is where your site stats ie. page view stats are found >


    I am well aware of how the web and web analytics work. It’s my job.

    My point is that Sitemeter and my own setup agree 100% and I can clearly see from the other peripheral stats that WordPress provide that the views they are reporting is incorrect.

    Referrers have not increased. Clicks have not increased. Sitemeter has not increased. My own stats collection has not increased and yet’s view counter is now around 8 times higher than it used to be 5 days ago.

    I’d love to think it’s my fantastic writing pulling traffic but the fact of the matter is that traffic has not increased and I’d love to know what’s changed that’s caused the view counter to show so much more traffic.



    Hello again,
    Okay then here’s the situation. This is a peer support forum and we Volunteers cannot deal with stats issues. Only staff can deal with them and they will not reactivate the support link until Monday. Do note that Staff provide support for over 25 million and it’s not likely that you will get and answer instantly on Monday after filing your support ticket. It’s more likely that it will take a few days for them to get to you. They deal with support tickets by addressing the earliestt dated tickets first so don’t contact them more than once as that will simply mover the date forward and create a longer waiting time for an answer.


    Hey, thanks for that! I’ll give the support link a shot tomorrow.



    You’re welcome. I guessed right when I figured you would prefer not to create a lengthy thread that gets bumped to the top of the forum over and over again as members keep posting their stuff about stats because none of that would result in a definitive answer to your question. You’re welcome and best wishes.



    It seems to me the situation is pretty simple. WP bloggers who’ve subscribed to your blog and are reading it via their Dashboards show up on WP as views. They do not show up on Sitemeter, etc, because that only counts people who view the blog in its normal setting.

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