My Visit SIte button is lost

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    All of a sudden a couple of days ago my Visit Site button disappeared and I can’t find it anywhere. I feel like an idiot, but I swear, it’s not there. I need it! It’s the Sapphire theme Please help if you have any idea what may have happened.

    The blog I need help with is


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    It is no longer there. WordPress staff removed it over the weekend.

    Just click on the title of your blog to visit your site.


    No you don’t need it. The blog title works the same way.





    Duh! That’s easy as pie, but I never thought of it. I wish there were announcements of that sort of stuff. Thanks, folks!



    Yes, changes SHOULD be announced, or the blogger wastes time searching! I don’t understand sudden changes without announcing them…


    Member rarely announces changes, in fact. You can keep an eye on some things by reading their blog, but usually things are announced there after they’ve already happened.



    WOW! ‘m amazed to find out how many bloggers do not know that their blog title is a link!


    Apparently they hadn’t noticed that “Visit Site” had an arrow pointing to the blog title.


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    They took “visit site button” away when 2.7 came out and then put the words and arrow in again because of all the complaints:


    Right. In more detail: Visit Site was initially replaced by the blog title alone; some users complained, so they added the phrase with the arrow as plain text; that was ridiculous (if it was reasonable, then every clickable tab in the dashboard should also have an arrow with an explanation), so then they turned the phrase into a link – which was redundant…

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