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My visual editor box keeps expanding, how do I stop it?

  1. Hi, I've never had this problem before. A couple of days ago, my visual editor box shrank so small I couldn't see to type. So I dragged the bottom right hand corner of the box to increase the size to approximately it's normal size. All was well. Then when I went to type last night the visual editor box is now huge. I can shrink it - doing the same thing of course - but as soon as I save it... it become huge again.

    What happened and how can I permanently fix it so the visual editor box is only say 9 or 10 lines long? I can temporarily fix it but it doesn't last and it should, shouldn't it? Thanks! Oh, I use Chrome.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can set it to a particular size under Settings->Writing.

  3. I've read that before but it's not an available option for me. Perhaps because of the theme I'm using - Koi.

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