my vodpod widget is working properly.

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    blog in question:

    Changing videos, or “decals” at has no effect on the vodpod widget. neither deleting nor adding new videos changes the widget.

    In fact, my vodpod widget is showing a deleted entry.

    any help on the topic would be useful.

    The blog I need help with is


    im on the same avail yet

    cant organize my viseo collection like i was able to before at vodpod

    waiting for a new lockerz video widget for worpress to solve this matter



    Lockrz better fix these problems or they’re cruising for a bruising.



    Hi there,

    Does anyone know a way to embed a video on a blog ?



    I’ve been talking back-and-forth with lockerz about this. (At the very least, I can say they’ve been good about getting back to me each time.) However, they’re very slow about transferring the old vodpod to their platform and so far they’ve been pretty much destroying what was great about vodpod. Yes, the player has stopped accepting new videos. And if you try to use their widget coding, it puts up a generic bunch of videos, not the one’s you’ve collected. I’ve been told that they know this and are working on it. Yes, they appear to have been “working on this stuff” for awhile now. Not to mention (as dlager points out) the strange vocabulary of the site (i.e., “decalz” are “videos”) and such. I hate to be negative, but I think this buyout and transition of vodpod to lockerz has been a disaster.



    Looking around some more I found this excellent info page from Word Press about embedding videos on a blog.

    It’s a “how to” for youtube, vimeo, dailymotion and so on.

    Thank you Woprd Press.

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