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    Previously, I was making a new website called “” I paid and registered a new domain, “”. The was basically opening the contents of From that, I was getting a little annoyed because the image address of the pictures was always “…..”, which just never looked nice and felt to the other users as if I was taking images from some other site.

    Today, I deleted the and now, I cannot open!

    Thankfully, i had backed up(exported) the contents of the and thus can get back to track once I can see the interface

    Someone help me! I paid $15 for and I deleted and now unable to open

    warm regards


    since you saved the content can’t you import it again to your old wordpress blog?


    I can do nothing! I’d deleted and wosh! one) is gone too!



    you’ll need assistance from support itself, since bloggers don’t have access to backend thing. they will open monday morning. you could think of starting another blog url and placing the content there and mapping your domain there, but right now I don’t know how that would work with your domain currently mapped to a deleted blog. again, support is going to need to help you directly. I really wish I could help you more!


    smart thinking of you to back that up, it could be so much worse!


    yeah, thankfully, I had exported the contents/structure/format. But, is it funny that even in the mail that i got which confirmed about deleted the blog said this,
    “ear User,
    You recently clicked the ‘Delete Blog’ link on your blog and filled in a
    form on that page.
    If you really want to delete your blog, click the link below. You will not
    be asked to confirm again so only click this link if you are 100% certain:

    If you delete your blog, please consider opening a new blog
    some time in the future! But remember your current blog is gone forever.”

    It nowheres talks about!)



    /nod to diss

    @justgadgetstuff – They are both gone because they were only one. The paid one was the blog under a different name (url). Not a copy. The original. Domain mapping changes the url but does not physically move any content.

    That’s why your photos still showed the path to your original blog url. That is where they remained and only the public face, for want of a better term, ever changed with respect to your url.

    I agree. You need staff intervention.


    Yeah, must get staff help :(


    I hope my paid domain is not gone forever :(


    Guys, tell me one thing, cannot I directly work over the paid blog?( Is making a ‘” mandatory?


    Domain mapping simply puts a new URL on your existing blog. Your blog is still at

    You can if you wish to get away from that, hire a web host, install the software from and then take the backup that your have from the blog you deleted here and import it at your new web host.

    With your own web host and installation, you have a lot more freedom, but you also carry all the responsibility of upgrades, troubleshooting and such. You do it all.

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