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My website-administrator rights-recent changes

  1. I had my blog for quite a while now and all has been well,whenever I log in it would take me to my dashboard.Recently though after I log in a page comes up saying it can't show this website unless you are the administrator,if you aren't please log out etc......and so in this page I have to click somewhere and then it takes me to dashboard.What the heck is GOING ON??? I am the only person with access to my blog,I am the author,the administrator and everything.Has someone hacked into my site? How can I change things so it all goes to the way it was before????
    Any help greatly appreciated,this problem is most annoying.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is me adding something to the post,it says when I log in YOU DO NOT HAVE THE NECESSARY PRIVILEGES TO blog ...are you joking??? It is my blog,it always has been.
    What is going on???????????????

  3. If you do a forum search you'll see there are a LOT of other people having the same issue. We don't know the cause.

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