My website and domain have expired

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    I am trying to renew my domain name and website but I do not remember my password. When I try to get my password renewed, it goes to a email address that has expired. I desperately need to get my website back up. It just expired a couple of weeks ago. Can somebody help me?



    Hi davyscheffler,

    You have a few options.

    When you were setting up your account, did you connect a mobile number to it so that you could receive SMS messages? If so, you can receive a password reset message to your phone.

    If not, you can use the account recovery form to see if there is anything that Staff can do to help.



    Hi there,

    What is the address of the site you are trying to access please? We can’t begin to help you without knowing that.


    If a user posts without providing a URL to their site, be sure to get that information first. For example, it might be a self-hosted site, in which case the answer you gave is completely irrelevant :)




    Oops! Still learning! Thank you very much for the correction — I realized this later but obviously it was too late by then!


    We’re happy to help once we get your URL!

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