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My website is down

  1. mtvenvironmental

    Hi there. I have my website hosted through It went down a few days ago now and is still down. I have no idea how to find out why. Can you please take a look at my site and account and let me know what I need to do. Kind Regards


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I flagged this for staff attention. Neither that URL nor are coming up for me. Have you verified that the domain is still active, ie you didn't forget to pay for it or something?

  3. mtvenvironmental

    Hi Raincoaster, many thanks for the reply.

    I have never been sent an invoice or reminder. I also have no idea how to access my account to see if I owe anything. I set up a direct debit I think - hosted via WordPress.

    You don't know how I can access billing by any chance? Worth me checking by the sounds.

    Cheers Michael

    PS, I realise I sound a bit clueless here ;)

  4. Try going to and at least the dashboard should come up. The billing details will be on your Upgrades page.

  5. the site is not opening for me too :/

  6. Please don't post into multiple threads for no particular reason. It could get you suspended for forum spamming.

  7. mtvenvironmental

    Well now I am very confused.

    From September 2012 until 15th February, my site ran no problems. I just checked billing history, nad there is no sign of any hosting payments. I did pay to host the site in WP. The only record in Billing is the $13 I paid for domain mapping. I am dead certain WP were hosting my site until recently.

    Do you know how I can arrange to have them continue to host my site?

    Thanks again for your help.


  8. mtvenvironmental

    Hi all. Apologies. I have found that after being told by Net Registry on Monday that I have never hosted my site with them, that in fact now they can confirm I do host with them. However, they sent me the following:


    As I've checked, your domain is actually an add-on domain to

    I can confirm that DNS records are all correct. I just noticed that your "A" record is pointing to which is from

    What I suggest to you is to contact wordpress regarding their IP

    The problem could be on their end.

    Any clues?

  9. If you're hosted there AND they control your domain, you have to settle it with them. If you manage the domain from, you have to change the nameservers here so they point to your externally hosted blog.

  10. mtvenvironmental

    Hi, I am still struggling. this is my most recent correspondence from Net Registry. they suggest the error is at the Word Press end. Please see below. I am at my wits ends :(

    Dear Michael,

    I have checked the DNS records for and can now see that the domain name is pointing back to WordPress's servers to the following IP address - When trying to visit the website it shows the following error 'DESTINATION SERVER DOWN', so seems like WordPress is currently facing issues.

    If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to reply back to this email.

    Kind Regards,

    Frank Americanos

  11. It looks like was mapped to a blog here at one time - that would have required the name servers to have been pointed to here at that time (they aren't now) -

    If the setting are mixed (some set to map to a blog here and other setting are set to an outside host) you can get real strange results - you might ask your Registrar if they keep records of when settings were changed for your domain name and by who -

    did you set up a WordPress.ORG install at one time on your own host and move the content there?

    Also try asking the host (looks like the same as your registrar) if you have a hosting account and if so what do they see in it.

  12. mtvenvironmental

    Hi there. No I never moved it to a install and own host.



    POS I havent changed a think on WP or with net registry

  13. If you never had a WordPress.ORG install on your own host then you should be able to change the name servers back to WordPress.COM and make sure your domain mapping is current and the name and the blog should start working (after the changes migrate to the far corners of the internet)

  14. mtvenvironmental

    Hi there. Excuse any ignorance my end.

    But from what I gather, Net Registry are saying that my domain is already pointing at the DNS This has not changed. I have not changed it, neither have Net Registry.

    Net Registry tell me that my domain is still pointing at WordPress: "it is pointing back to WordPress's servers to the following IP address - When trying to visit the website it shows the following error 'DESTINATION SERVER DOWN', so seems like WordPress is currently facing issues."

    I am unsure as to what to do now. You're saying to make sure they are pointing tio the right place, but they are saying they are already (and still) pointing to the right place, and that there is an error at WordPress' end.

    Thanks for your time and bearing with me. I am very confused and still no solution.



  15. mtvenvironmental

    Hi, is it possible for me to contact someone from WordPress? I am struggling to get a solution - allbeit people giving me friendly advice. Many thanks


  16. This has already been flagged for the staff to help

    But a whois for do not show the name servers pointing to WordPress.COM (the normal way of mapping a domain name to a blog here unless it is mapped as a subdomain (i.e. )

  17. mtvenvironmental

    Oh ok thanks for your time and replies. I am in a pickle. Net Registry are telling me they are pointing to WP, and WHOIS and you are saying they are pointing elsewhere ;) I've asked Net Registry to confirm.



  18. Ask Net Registry exactly what they are doing - if they are doing some sort of forward and mask that could mess things up and put the path to your blog in and endless loop or send you into the ether

  19. mtvenvironmental

    Hi there, thanks again.

    the below is what Net Registry have told me. Does this make sense and should I change settings as per Net Registry's suggestions?



    Dear Michael,

    That is correct your domain name servers are not currently pointing to WordPress but the A records are. If you need to point the name servers to WordPress I can do this for you, but I need to make you aware first that you will need to create MX records on WordPress's end first because if you do not your emails will go down for Please notify them that they will need to create the following DNS records:

    MX record:

    A record: -

    Let me know once this has been updated, so I can then point the name servers to WordPress.


    Kind Regards,

    Frank Americanos

  20. mtvenvironmental

    Hi, if my A Records are pointing at WordPress, should my site still be working? I have had it set up like this since Sptember 2012, and until 1 week ago I had no issues. Please let me know what the issue is. I am 100% sure the error is at the WordPress end unfortunmately.



  21. We can't really support mapping by A Record. We do not have static IP addresses, which makes pointing to an A record problematic at best.

    To explain briefly, we have a growing number of datacenters with thousands of servers between them. is already built on top of a cloud architecture, so when one server goes offline, everything is routed over to another transparently. When your domain is mapped to us by name servers, this all happens automatically.

    With an A Record, you're directing the domain to one IP. If that server/IP goes offline, so does your site, there's nothing we can do about that.

    There's a bit more involved, but that's the short version.

    If you want consistent performance with a mapped domain on, you'll need to direct the name servers to us.

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