My Website Is White with Blue Links & Black Text Only

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    I’ve cleared the cache and all website data etc (MAC) but my website is just blue links, white background and black text. In short, it’s gone to crap. What has happened? This is what people see:

    Please let me know what to do and if this has happened to all WP sites or it’s just me?

    The blog I need help with is


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    I can see your site just fine.

    My daughter was “fixing” something with our internet / ethernet /wireless/ airport or something and I didn’t know it earlier today. Once she finished, all I saw was weirdly formatted sites as you describe. I had to turn everything off, the restart before things went back to normal.

    Can’t explain why it’s happening for you, but I hope this helps…



    Yes, my site has returned to normal.

    I had already done a reset etc,. and thought I had also quit safari but perhaps I hadn’t. Anyway, thanks for making the effort to get back to me!

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