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my website WP website won't publish online

  1. I recently changed from godaddy to bluehost, then tried to merge my WP blog into a website where one of the pages would be my blog.

    Problem 1: When I hit publish, the site doesn't show up online
    problem 2: I don't know how to add my pre-existing blog content to a page within my website.

    I'm not a tech guy, and am a little frustrated.

    Please help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Also, accessing my site within WP isn't a problem. I need people who type my name or website address in a search engine to be able to get to the site

  3. What websites are we talking about here? We cannot help with anything hosted anywhere but at, so we can ONLY help you with The others are WordPress.ORG blogs, and you need to be over there for help.

  4. I am having an impossible time publishing posts, they keep saving as "draft status" I have gone in and checked settings, checked "public" checked publish, as I have in the past and it will not publish? Any ideas?

  5. I need help with my blog on

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