my whole blog is suddenly messed up big time! what happened?

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    I was adding a post tonight, i posted it, and when i went to view it, everything is wacky – its not the redoable lite anymore, its all white background, and everything is floating all over the place? i checked it in both firefox and IE – and cleared cache – same thing… ???

    The blog I need help with is


    I can’t upload any images at the moment. Must be some tweaking going on behind the scenes.


    you know, i just happened to turn off my kaspersky, for a moment, just to see, and sure enough, now it loads properly.. but if I turn K back on, and reload, it comes up all messed up….. this has never happened before, I always work with K on in the background…. wonder what it is, in this last post of mine, that is causing it to glitch…..

    im noticing , too, that in this last post, the photos are sitting on large white backdrops – its never done that before – AND , the titles arent showing……


    Looks like someone else on the forum is having your same problem. My blog looks ok, I just can’t upload any images. I hope we’re back to normal soon.



    There are no outages or changes in progress that would affect images or uploads.


    that’s not good for me, Telly, is it … :)

    i went into a different post where the photos are acting normal, and looked at its code – then compared it to the code for this last post and there are differences – most notibly stuff with this
    <div class=”mceTemp mceIEcenter ……….

    no clue how that got in there… i think it might have been glitching when i was trying to upload the photos – i’m going to go in and try to clean out all that code….


    Thanks, Tellyworth. After your comment I double checked and found my No Script was blocking the image uploader. It’s never done that before. Everything is working fine now.

    Good luck, Fabulous!


    i fixed it… just deleted and re added the photos and no more div class stuff… and my kaspersky works with it too… learn something new every day. thanks guys!



    fabulousfinishes, it sounds like your virus scanner might have been interfering with the WordPress post editor.

    humboldtherald, thanks for writing back with the details.

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