My widget & sidebar have disappeared for all templates- Help?

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    I am new to using wordpress or creating websites in general.

    I have been trying to find the best template for my blog and for some reason my widget/ sidebar have disappeared for all template, I have tried deleting them in the widget section and adding them but they don’t appear.

    On my current blog they appear when I go into the FBM page but not when you click on the posts. I want the twitter feed on the front page so started looking at other template and when I select one that show the twitter feed in the image example it doesn’t come up when I click preview???

    I am looking for a free template that is very visual, and shows the twitter feed on the homepage with icons to follow the blog- any suggestions.

    Thanks fbm :)

    The blog I need help with is



    I can’t help you on the theme-part (I just don’t know much about any theme but the one I’m using), but as far as concerns the Twitter widget, you have to set that up yourself. It’s not bundled with the theme. You can find instructions how at

    You will probably need a theme that has a sidebar on the home page for the widgets and follow buttons. Your current theme does not seem to have that.



    I can see one widget on your blog. That theme does not as far as I know have a specific sidebar.



    Thanks for answering :) I have it working now.

    Thanks again :)

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