My wordpress blog is down / slow

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    My blog seems to be back now – complete with the Categories widget problem that must be about a week old by now.
    Update: fixed the Categories widget problem by removing the widget. Will reinstate the widget when and if there’s grounds for confidence that it’s fixed.


    Nope…still down.



    Slow here too. I also lost my custom header image and it won’t let me re-upload it. I had to revert back to the image that came with the template.



    well I’ve just checked out, and it works alright for me…maybe the problem has been rectified, or maybe it’s only certain people experience problems.

    Oh how we could all speculate…



    Actually, I can see everyone elses, but I cant get onto my own…

    (I posted before without actually checking…sorry)



    I’m also timing out


    My blog is down too – it is a few hours now !



    I managed to get into my dashboard inadvertently by typing in someone else’s wordpress blog then navigating to my dashboard from the top left menu.

    I can not however see the index of my blog at all. Hope you are able to fix this soon. Good luck!


    Working now! Thanks!



    I can access my dashboard, but the blog is still down.



    At approximately 9:40AM EST this morning, we suffered a Distributed Denial of Service attack which caused some blogs to become unavailable for a short period of time. About 20 minutes after the attack started, the sources and target were identified and legitimate traffic was routed to our other 3 data centers, which were unaffected by the attack. Unfortunately, the attack is still ongoing in one of our facilities, and we have had to null route the affected IPs. For those of you who have mapped domains and use our name servers, all of your DNS records have been updated to reflect the changes on our end. If your domain is not working for you, it is likely because either your computer has cached the old DNS entries or your ISP has done so.

    * If you are using a Windows PC, you can try rebooting to see if that resolves the issue.

    * If you are using a Mac, you can try running lookupd -flushcache from the terminal:

    We are continuing to monitor the situation, but at this time, everything is looking normal on our end. If you have tried the tips above and still cannot access your domain, please contact support with your domain name and we will look into it for you.

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