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my wordpress blog suddenly does not exist

  1. About half an hour ago my blog dissapeard. When I tried logging onto it, I was told that the url does not exist :( someone please help me, this blog was like my baby :) when I log into my worrdpress account it shows that the blog is still there but when I click on it, I get to a page that tells me the url doesn't exist. Could someone have hackeed and deleted it? :( any help is really appreciated

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is this the blog you mean?

  3. The blog I need help with is pleasse help me.

  4. It looks like the domain name - - has not been renewed and has reverted to the wild - you need to re-register it quickly before someone else grabs it - you then need to map that domain name to your WordPress.COM blog again

  5. Okay ill do that quickly :)

  6. Its telling me that the site already exists, you think maybe someone tooke it?

  7. If you registered the domain through WordPress.COM - there is a bug that sometimes shows up where your blog does not release the name - I have flagged this for the staff to help you

  8. My blog is back yaaaaay :) thank you so much to whoever fixed it :) you people are amazing! Will never forget it :)

  9. Its really awesome how everyone gives advice here:) this isss the perfect place to get things fixed!

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