My wordpress hosted blog has been hacked

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    It’s a free blog hosted on and contains all of the work I did for a Masters Degree on Photorealism.
    The blog in question is
    The media library is still intact but all posts have been deleted :(
    Does keep a backup of the database?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi –

    We won’t be able to restore these deleted posts.

    There was 1 post left in the trash that I did restore to a draft. It’s titled, “Lessons on Photorealism from 3D Artist Magazine.”

    Click on My Sites > Posts > Drafts to find it. You can then click on the gear icon and select status to update it to Published from Draft mode.

    Sorry I can’t be of more help.

    Please consider using 2 factor authentication on your account. Here’s a bit more information regarding password security.




    Hi there, beyond the additional security that 2-step verification gives, you should always log out of WordPressdotcom at the end of a session and never share your password with anyone. WordPressdotcom will never ask you for your password and if you haven’t, you should immediately change both it and the password for your email as well. Here is more information on security measures:

    You might be able to recover some of your site content via Google caches or the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine copy of your site. There’s no easy way to get those posts other than the tedious copy/paste of content into the post and page editors. Hope that helps somewhat.


    Ah, thanks justjennifer! I forgot to mention the bit about Google’s cache.



    I’m fairly security savvy so no idea how it’s happened. Well, I have one idea but I guess it’s best not to disclose that vulnerability on the web :)
    I should have most of it saved in a Word document somewhere.


    Hi glyndavidson,

    There is a snapshot of your site from December 2016 on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine that @justjennifer suggested:

    Hopefully you can recover more of your content from there.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed you can find what you need.

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