My wordpress IS broken!!

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    I have flagged this several times now. I have 400+ followers. I changed my URL a few months back when I really started to blog.
    Can you explain the following?

    I have Well OVER 400 followers…And more views. Why is it showing me this?
    This is wrong. My wordpress is broken!!

    I changed my URL. And a staff member brought all my followers to my new URL. I did ask if it was ok to do this and was told yes, in here somewhere.
    How is this possible? it is showing 2 account?!
    The top one has 400+ followers.
    The bottom one, my OLD url showing 5?!
    Followers Issue

    As far as this is telling me my OLD url is still active. Since the 7th of March I have not had one award. I had more likes last week than ever, and no notification anywhere.

    Can someone PLEASE for once let me know what is going on here.
    My old URL was: Dreamingforbetter

    My New URL is: Looking for reasons to a complicated world

    I am CHOCKING to go Pro. I am having to go to Notifications, all, and check for comments that are NOT coming through as they should. Sometimes It shows only 5 followers, this is showing both.
    I have 400+ followers this is showing 5!

    Can I please get to the bottom of this pleas.e
    I want to go Pro, but when I asked about changing URL I was told “Not a problem” Obviously it has caused a problem. My old URL is STILL active!!

    Any help would be really appreciated here.
    I love it. I get awards each day, I blog, I read, I get involved, WordPress has changed my life as a disabled person.

    But this is almost ruining it for me. Sometimes I ONLY get notifications in Email also. From my Blog, sometimes others. Or I would miss them. How many have I missed?
    How many blogs have I done that got sent to 5 followers?

    Kindest Regards

    The blog I need help with is



    This thread is tagged for Staff attention. It’s the weekend so kindly subscribe to the thread and be patient while waiting for a response.


    Thank you.
    Really no Rush. I appreciate any help here
    Just annoying me now :-) lol
    I love it here, great service, so not moaning.
    I don’t know why I changed my URL.
    But its done some stupid things.

    Really, thanks very much!! Again.




    If you are blogging for some fake award you need to validate your whatever, you are in the wrong field – you were answered in one of the other many threads on this – they only have an award for the first 100 or so – just make your own award


    Is this humour? or you being serious? lol
    (Seriously, very hard to read if people are people are being serious or not through some font)

    Sorry, I don’t understand serious :P

    I don’t want an award. I wan’t my Word Press to work.
    I put two links there. It is showing two accounts.

    Ok. for you!!
    I nominate myself for “The big hairy Scotsman with a skirt” Award.


    Shaun lol



    I think Shaun is referring to two different awards.

    (1) The first one is the get instant satisfaction blog nanny that we Volunteers immediately disabled > Dashboard > Users > Personal Settings

    Those so-called awards are displayed under the Awards links on this page!/notifications/

    (2) awards for backlinks schemes that we Volunteers tend to shun

    A blog meme (blog award) is a viral game where you generate links and relationships through asking other bloggers to participate. There are no sponsored blog awards memes and this is not a support issue per say. If you are “nominated” and you want to play the chain letter styled blog award meme game then you go to the site of the person who presented you with the award and follow the instructions they posted. Note that search engine don’t take a high view of the value of such awards for backlinks schemes and that’s why experienced bloggers don’t play the blog awards games.



    Your followers are at this link >!/my-stats/?blog_subscribers
    Your email subscribers are at this link >!/my-stats/?blog_subscribers&type=email


    Yeah, I get all that really.
    But if you look at both pictures I posted.
    One is showing 5 followers.
    The other is showing two accounts.

    I have been really ill the last few days.
    It is although I have two accounts on the go.

    It isn’t about the awards.
    I could make an award up now ” Scottish Kilt Award” I get that bit.
    It’s not about awards. It is about me looking like I have two accounts.

    It is like my old URL is still in play.
    These two screen shots were from today.

    I would still like to know if its something I can do, or something wrong at Word Press end of things.

    ps: I did not start this to cause argument :-(
    Sorry auxclass Look my my two screenshots, they don’t make sense.

    Thanks Shaun



    We are not arguing with you.
    I tagged this thread for Staff.
    It’s the weekend.
    Next week they will respond.


    I said it is hard to read if someone is being serious or not :-)
    All is cool, really. I just don’t understand why it looks like I have two URLs active.

    I just thought, and it is hard to read, that the comment by auxclass, was the user saying I just wanted awards. I am sorry if I read this wrong.

    I am no expert here. I am a PC Tech, but not so clever when it comes to Word Press.

    Thank you both for your help.
    And we good.



    Awards are collected for the blog they happen under.

    You won’t see any Follower awards under because those awards were collected under the other blog, even those the Followers were transferred over.


    I gained 200, 300 followers under the new URL.
    This is the 5th post I have put here Mac (Hope it is ok to call you Mac)
    And if you look at what I put up, the screenshots.
    It is still showing the two URL’s as if they are both still in action so to speak.
    The link with 5 followers is wrong, I have 450 or around then. I have to refresh it, then it gives me two, for both URL’s.
    I surpassed followers, likes and a lot more with my new URL and got no notifications at all. The last notification was March 7th here.

    March 7th my account stopped talking to me

    I have had NO notifications about likes per day, even though I did get more likes for a particular blog after the the 7th of March. I saw someone do a blog, he had 1,000 followers, and showed his 5, 10, 50, 100, 200, 300, etc all the way to 1,000. I am getting NOTHING.

    I also sometimes have to go to notifications and comments to get some, as not all show on my main notification panel on the main page (Where it turns orange) Sometimes I have to go to Dashboard, Comments and I see unread, un-noticed comments.

    Either I am explaining this all wrong, or someone isn’t understanding, or I am more stupid than I thought I was. I am a PC Tech. I can find my way around most things. But my WordPress has stopped telling me about likes, follows etc since the 7th March.

    Does any of that help any better? lol

    I am sorry, REALLY this is not a big deal.
    But before I pay to go Pro, I want to make sure I can get this sorted.
    Somewhere we are getting lost in translation.

    Thanks for your patience.



    Ok, so this is the same thing we discussed at

    Really, the answer hasn’t changed at this point. I’ll look into removing the lingering elements of the old blog, but it won’t change anything else.



    I just don’t understand how I don’t get notifications on my new URL.
    I asked, in here before I changed it, and was told it would be ok.
    Otherwise why have the feature?

    Maybe I will get it, maybe I won’t. lol
    Really not a big deal.
    I love it here, and AM going to go Pro, as I was before when I was a Soccer reporter. I love the pro version. I
    It is just annoying “Slightly” I have to check everywhere for comments. And also no notifications since the 7th of March. I get that bit, I changed my URL then. So why no notification for my new URL :-)

    Ach I am lost.
    I will check into setting and buy the Pro version once I am happy it ain’t broken.
    I still would like an answer to.
    1. Why did I stop get notifications on March 7th
    2. Why did I not get net notifications after that.

    But maybe I am wording it wrong.
    I am Scottish, but my font isn’t lol

    Really no big deal, and thanks to everyone for helping old thinko here



    2. Why did I not get NEW notifications after that. (March 7th)




    You didn’t get new followers at the old URL after that date.


    Raincoaster, I got a few today.
    This is what I mean.
    I get new followers every other day.
    I have to go to Dashboard, Comments to see it though.
    Sometimes I will get the small orange Quote tell me.
    In the image it says I have 5, and also 450+

    So I have had many followers since then.
    Don’t know where you are seeing this.


    I am trying not to make a big deal out of this :-)
    But before I commit to spending money and going Pro.
    I want to know why my WordPress lies to me.


    I just went to

    The first time I did it, I go this:

    I refreshed the page and got this, with 2 new followers from today:
    450 followers + New followers from today AND old URL

    If someone can explain this to me in simple English.
    I would be delighted!!
    Above Raincoster said I had no new followers since March 7th
    This shows I had 2 just in the last few hours.
    Also I had to refresh to get my real followers.

    Can I just ask.
    Am I missing something here?
    Or am I not explaining it right?
    Or is someone not explaining it to me correctly?

    I just spoke to a WordPress EXPERT they have been here for years.
    I explained to them, and showed them these Screenshots.
    They said “This is not right”

    I am just confused.
    I had to refresh the page to see my followers and new followers from today. I don’t know where anyone can see I have had no new followers since March 7th!

    Someone is mistaken here.

    What a mess over nothing eh…
    I want to pay and go pro, but at this stage, I feel something is not right.
    I am being told “I only want awards” I am being told “You had no new followers since March 7th”
    I have just showed you 2 new followers from just the last few hours.

    I am not paying Pro if this is the level of customer support.
    And I “LOVE” it here.

    I am sorry again.
    I am really happy at people helping me.
    But I am not getting what I am being told.
    The “You had no new follower since March 7th” makes me think something is wrong at the technical end.

    Again, kindest regards. Really.
    And for the help, Brilliant.
    But something and someone is wrong.

    Kindest Regards.

    Raincoaster can you explain why you think I had no new followers since March 7th? Was this just a guess?
    I have had, say, at least 50 new followers since then.

    From Scotland with regards



    If you don’t get any notifications, how do you know that?


    Sorry I just re-read what you said.
    I never got “New followers to old URL” after that date.
    I am sorry…

    But why STILL!! Nothing from the 7th of March for new followers to the new account/URL

    Sorry, I misread.
    But all the rest above I am still “LOST” lol

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