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My wordpress site is down

  1. Hello,
    My blog was working fine,I made some changes to it like was monetizing it,Installed plugin and now my browser says this site was not found.Why is that?Please help if anyone can.
    My website URL is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Who do you pay to web host this site?

  3. There is no domain mapping upgrade for If you would like to use this domain to map to from your free hosted blog you will first need to set up domain mapping. To map an existing domain (one you already own) to your blog follow these instructions

    If that's not what you want to do then contact the web host you pay to keep the site online and ask them why it's offline.

  4. Thanks.It's working fine now:)

  5. That's good news. Thanks for sharing it and best wishes with your blog.

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