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My wordpress stucks in 16 December. What happens?

  1. I have two new posts on 17 and 18 December, but they don't show up at the front (main) page.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can't help without a link to the blog, starting with http, and the titles of the posts. Can you see them under Drafts?

  3. @mainbasket: most probably you have created the post before, and saved as draft, so the publish date is set to the date on which you first created the draft. And now when you have published it is published with the same old date as the draft and it has gone down the newer dated posts. To solve this change the publish date of each post.

    But i can see one post on 17th and one on 18th at this time i am typing in.

  4. @phoxis: thank you for the reply. But I think my latest posts (17 & 18 Dec) were completely new. This case doesn't happen to my other wordpress blog.

  5. We need the TITLES to make sure that what we see and what you see are the same. And we need to know if you can still see the posts in Drafts.

  6. Thank you Raincoaster and Phoxis, my blog is now normal again. Thank you very much :D

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