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My blog is linked to another blog!

  1. Hi! I was trying to have friends read my 2 blogs that I have written over the last couple of days and every time I type my blog address EXACTLY the way WordPress gave it to me, it pulls someone else's blog up! HELP! I don't mind changing my blog address, but I can't continue to send people to my address if it doesn't pull up my blogs!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please communicate the details - all of them to Staff in an email sent to this email address withoput the spaces in it support @

  3. What is the name your blog should have in the web URL? What is the title I should see on the screen?

    Your name in this support thread spelled "aprildestiny" has a link going to a URL of that is a page with a title of "SUCH IS LIFE". But I notice that the name part of the URL has an error in the word I believe should be "thoughts" by reversing the "ht" to "th". There is another blog at the URL with the correct spelling for "thoughts" that has a title of "Scared, Fat and Stupid!!".

    Maybe you mistyped the desired name when you created the blog, and so, did not get the intended blog (or the error message if that other one had already been created)?

  4. Okay, I see what I did, I typed my link wrong. I had to go back and type it at least 4 times before I realized what I had done. I guess my fingers are too fast! Thanks everyone for your help! I'll be careful next time!

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