My Blog is not working, I'm in India

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    My blog is not functioning. I am unable to upload photographs or create new widgets. By when will this problem be solved.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Are you able to log in, but are unable to upload pics or add widgets? If that’s the case, it may not be related to the connection problems that were reported by some users, mostly in Singapore and New Zealand.

    So first, try emptying your cache memory and deleting your cookies, and make sure your Flash version is up to date:

    If you are still experiencing issues, contact staff directly


    Thanks for the help ! Thaz exactly whats happening.



    Glad I could help :-)


    Hello New Zealand and others,
    Here in Montreal my primary site ( finally started acting normal last now but as of Saturday morning I am also experiencing slow downs and intermittent problems on the Admin. page – though the published part of the site can be accessed by readers and they are able to leave comments.
    Big problems to make new post and like you I am unable to upload images.
    Hope it’s not a new attack and is just a little glitch!



    @evelyn: I’m in Montreal too and do not experience such issues. Have you emptied your cache memory and deleted your cookies as instructed above to the other user? If you still experience difficulties, you might want to contact staff directly.

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