My blog statistics are not normal

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    My statistics are not normal, they must have been manipulated or something, did statistical tests, on 29 days (visitors and views) they are with more than 99% certainty not normal! How come? Who can manipulate your statistics?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,

    My statistics are not normal

    Have the stats changed since the last time you viewed them?

    These links may help to explain why your stats don’t appear to be accurate

    Hope this helps



    No stats are stable, former days do not change in time, at least I did not notice that former days changed.

    The sequences per day of visitors and views are with more than 99% certainty not normal distributed.

    Moreover have had in 2017 about 400 views and 250 visitors, never that people comment on posts (never) or like posts (anymore: last couple of months)



    I’m a free thinking rebel, my blog posts are highly controversial, there should be comments, like people that are angry about my posts, but there are none (on 400 views and 250 visitors in 2017)

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