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My WorkSearch to getting a Job

  1. Having been out of work now for 6 months now, is getting to be more terrifying with each passing day. Since unemployment is about to run out, with bill's still coming in & no income coming in. I have tried several recruiting JobSearch Engines, with all the same results. Wanting you to pay premium bucks to get a well written resume, & to have it posted. Whatever happened to going directly to the company in which you are trying to apply for. I know everyone has to make a living. Seriously, if they were in my shoes they might just think about helping someone in dire Need. If anyone is hiring in Atlanta, GA. Looking for a High Potential Generator / Switchgear Technician Specialist. Then I am your CANDIDATE for Hire! Please feel free to contact me, & help save a family from being Homeless. May God bless you.

  2. um, yours is Blogger Blog and you are in the *WordPress* Showcase Forum???

    You ruin your credibility and sound less sincere by doing this...

    Good luck on finding a job, but surely you should have a WordPress Blog if you are here?

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