my wp post image not show after publish

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    my post image it not shown after publish and during the upload of the image in the post there is only the white surface shown in the image area.



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    Maybe you need to chooce where the picture should ‘link to’
    I had to choose that, since the old default selection was lost in the new media uploader system….

    To have your picture shown in fulls ize when clicking it, as well as having it actuallu appear inside your published post, you need to open the fall down menu called ‘link to’ and choose ‘image file’

    In order to have your picture show inside your published post (as well as while writing og editing the post) AND have it shown bigger, within your blogs theme, if clicked on, you need to choose ‘attachment file’

    Follow this link, and see under ‘gallery settings’ for pictures that explains what I just wrote.



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