My WP site went kaflooey

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    I have a standard website that I use for my business identity (not for online commerce, though). I have portfolio of graphic design work and of my studio paintings, and I blog about both topics.

    Last Wednesday, I started to build a WP site with the “Obscure” theme. All went well for five days until Monday at noon, when the whole damned thing crashed as I was noodling around with the Appearances > Menu area. My ISP, HostDeal, tells me today that the issue is not on their server side but on my website or content side. I dunno. I uploaded all the theme files again on Tuesday and when that seemed to have no effect, I uploaded the WP files again. Nothing.

    I really need to get the site back up because I’ve been touting it on FB, LI, and Twitter, and I want to push the site even harder.

    Here’s the URL. Anyone know where the gremlin is and how to solve this problem.

    “Obscure” theme from Crunchy at:




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