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My WP Theme is not working!

  1. Hello everybody a few month ago for my business website I created a blog on I'd like to put some meta tags of themes but there's no options to edit the theme! So how can I add meta tags?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hey is your account free of premium?

  3. Yeah it is free.

  4. @jimhuntzicker @sumonrahman
    There is no upgrade that any free hosted blogger can purchase to allow access to the metadata files and editing of them. users do not have access to the database files and cannot edit the templates containing the HTML and php underlying their themes. At all users are working on the same wpMU ( WordPress multi-user) blogging platform, and are all sharing the same templates. As any editing would affect all blogs wearing the same theme, so only Staff have access the files and are able to edit them. Every edit made affects all blog wearing the same theme.

  5. If you wish to verify your blog ownership with major search engines, you should read this Support Doc and act on the instructions in it

  6. I know that but thanks for sharing :)

  7. You're welcome.

  8. If by "meta tags of themes" you mean keywords, see here:

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