My blog posts FAIL to appear/rank in a google search.

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    I’ve done and re-done every setting there is on my blog and my content still fails to have any significant rank on Google.

    For instance, I just posted a post about the astronomical measurement of “The Age of Aquarius”:

    Only 362 Years Until The Age Of Aquarius!!!

    After 10 pages on a google search for “The Age of Aquarius”, I STILL don’t see any sign of my post! This is true for the majority of the rest of my content as well. I’ve sought help on this before to no avail.
    EXTREMELY dissatisfied with WP on this crucial issue.

    The blog I need help with is



    This is your first question in the forum on search issues.

    Looking at your Spam blog, for starters you have a spam blog, search engines don’t like spam blogs, you have 28 tags & categories on one Post, max. combined number is about 12 or search engines class you as a Tag Spammer.

    See also:

    pay no attention to @roki15 the spammer in the thread

    WordPress.COM blogs are OPTIMIZED for search engines, but you need to use best practices or nothing will help you




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    What about “Spam?”



    Wow @RC – missed that spam one – nothing like not just shooting yourself in the foot – how about blowing the whole leg off with a canon?

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