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  1. Is there a way to add MyBlogLogs to my site using widgets?

  2. If the code isn't javascript and just html codes, just place the code in a widget and save it.

  3. Without knowing more of what you are trying to do (That's a hint for a specifc link to what you are trying to do by the way), there's not a whole lot we can answer here except for what Nosy says.

  4. I'm not the original requester, but here's the code that MyBlogLog wants users to put in their blogs "between the body tags":

    (HTML brackets removed)


    From reading elsewhere in this forum, I learned that WordPress disallows JavaScript, so I'm betting MyBlogLog is a no-go...

  5. You're quite right - javascript is a no go and here's what Mark wrote explaining why that is

  6. I enjoy using MyBlogLogs, but I understand and respect why it's a no-go at WordPress. It is fun though. Maybe you should make a text widget with "MyBlogLoggers, email me here and I'll post your comments" or something.

  7. Nod to TT - please do your little promote for Sitemeter. :)

  8. by your command :) Here is some information on how to get a counter for your blog. I use sitemeter and if you choose it too please be sure to get the html version of the image and not the javascript one

  9. TT should be pointing you at as they have a method of limited tracking that can be used here. Just be sure to follow the instructions for the version, not the regular wordpress version.


  10. MyBlogLog now supports blogs.

    More info on how to get it working here:

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