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    I am testing out the features of wordpress using a free account. But there are somethings that i cant seem to change and looking in help files it seems i need to have a non-hosted site to be able to do them as the involve editing .php files.

    If i paid the $17 for a address, would i be able to edit the .php files or is this only open to those who download the code for use on their own webservers?



    No upgrade on WordPress.COM will allow you to edit the PHP files, it is a security issue.

    To edit the PHP files you need to use the .ORG files and your own server (or you can also install it on your PC)

    All the $ 17– will do is get your own custom domain registered and mapped to your WordPress.COM site. You will still be bound by the Terms of Service also.



    Please read this support entry prepared by Staff so you are clear on all the differences between free blogs being free hosted on this multiuser blogging platform, where all blogs wearing the same theme are using the same template, and only Staff can access and edit the underlying php files, and free software installs for self hosting from WordPress.ORG. vs. The Differences >



    You will not be able to edit the coding except if you upgrade to!

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