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Myspace blog additions

  1. I am wondering if their is a way to have MySpace blogs added to my wordpress blog. I want to use wordpress from now on for my blogs and I want to get the blogs from myspace on here....Any help? I searched and could not find anything related to this. Thanks, in advance!

  2. Not that we're aware of outside of coping and pasting. I don't think MySpace has an exporter.

  3. when you view your myspace blog, there is a little "rss" link at the top right, above your first post shown. when you click that, it should give you the feed url. worked for me to import into facebook from myspace.

  4. Can't use rss to import here at

  5. It might be a shot in the dark, but entries 'kinda' are created with some RSS feeds by using the 'Wordpress' import, but realize that it will not work correctly and use at your own risk. *sigh*......might not be worth it all all to some people, but some RSS feeds have worked for me.


  6. Copy and paste isn't that time-consuming. That's what I'd use unless I was trying to import a snotload of posts at once. If you just want to post here the same content as there, copy and paste and maybe put a note about how you're cross-posting from your Myspace page. Put a similar note on Myspace, otherwise some people will think WordPress is stealing from you/Myspace is stealing from WordPress.

  7. Copy and paste isn't that time-consuming.

    heh heh heh. Wanna help me move 800+ blogs then into their new databases? ;)

  8. Sure. What are you paying?

  9. drmike,
    I am sure a programming shop I know in India would be able to help for a moderate fee... :)

  10. Already doing my tech support over there. (Wasn't money but my clients reported a higher approval with their responses over a pair of US companies.)

  11. anyone have a solution to this? getting my myspace blog into wordpress?

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