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myspace is better than facebook?!?!

  1. agreed. i love facebook so much more myspace sucks.
    like seriously before, i had a myspace and I was so addicted to it. Not sure why? maybe it was the classic myspace and evreyone liked it better. Now they gave a new look to it and try to improve it but it's just throwing away users. Why facebook? Duh people have full names I guess that way it's easier to find them and also gives the site a cleaner look. Although some people might want some cute backgrounds on facebook profile I think it's best to keep it clean and simple.

    I am a layout site owner and I have done myspace layouts, graphics etc and I've worked hard at it. But seeing not a lot of people go on myspace sort of disapoints me more. It goes both ways.

    Myspace #1- The more users use it, the more money they make.

    Myspace #2- The more they go on, they're tempted to use layouts and etc from the sites.

    So I'm not even sure if I should be complaining or not.... =/

  2. All I know is that myface looks better from spacebook 0_o

  3. I think both of them suck. My facebook page has been dormant since high school. Myspace sucks btw, and when ever I visit someones page, my computer always slows down. Myspace pages are also tacky, why in the hell would anyone wan't to put a ridiculous glittery, sparkly, pink and gold background on their page. Also, I find it ridiculous that 40 somethings would even have a myspace, I find myspace to be very kiddish and unnecessary, you might as well have a regular blog. I actually could trash myspace all day, but I think you get my drift.

  4. I have a Facebook, mainly to keep in touch with friends and family. I use Myspace as a photo album. I guess I like Facebook a lot better, just because there a lot of little activities you can do.

  5. I think they both SUCK enough said. :-)

  6. Myspace sucks. I don't even visit any friends pages there. I don't need to hear their music, or spend 5 minutes waiting for their crappy pages to load with all the nonsense and clutter all over them.

    Facebook is much more professional in my humble opinion. It's actually quite useful as well. The only feature I don't like is the "chat" feature. I've noticed that trying to go on and confirm friends in the evening only invites senseless "hey, what are you up to?" chats from people that I don't want to speak with.

    Of course, I also abstain from "pokes" and the multitude of other cheesy features there. I'm just there to pass along the occassional ridiculous message, pimp my blog, or talk (via wall or message) with friends/acquaintances/hot chicks.

  7. I used to use myspace loads but then i got an iphone and then i guess facebook took over for a while...then i found a myspace app and hit myself :(

  8. Friendster is so way better than Tripod!

  9. I use them both because you can never have enough avenues for internet stalking.

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