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    Hi everyone,

    I am thinking to build a wordpress website for a small organisation. I want the visitors be able to register to receive my newsletter, but since the services we are providing are different, I want them to receive customised newsletters.
    On the other hand I already have an existing database, that needs to be updated.
    Should I go with a CRM tool? If so which of them are compatible with wordpress?
    A guy that came to update our computers he said that we should ask someone to built us a mysql database. Can this database be connected with a wordpress website and receive all the new users data?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,

    From the information you shared, it seems its related to self hosted site as these features are available only for .org sites.

    Please share the site URL, if this is regarding to any other site which hosted on

    This is a public forum which provides support only for the sites hosted on

    There’s another support forum for self-hosted site, you can navigate to forum using this link:

    For jetpack support

    To learn about the difference between the and please refer this article:
    For documentation for refer this article:

    Hope it helps.



    Hi there,

    Thank you very mush. Well we just closed the existing website and we are planning to make a new one. So I don’t what decision I should make.

    That’s why I am asking if all these I am mentioning above are compatible.

    Is wordpress the right choice for our needs?

    Many thanks again,




    Hi there,

    As @tarunvijwani already said it looks like what you’re trying to accomplish can be done with a self-hosting WordPress site.

    You can ask over at the forums for more information:

    If you need help choosing a hosting provider here are some recommendations:


    Many thanks @fstat and @tarunvijwani.
    I’ll contact them. Very good to know!

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