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    Hello All

    I am trying to get this plugin working it requires a new table in my DB….’my data_base.wp_pre_publish_reminders’…. No problemo I can do that with my handy dandy MySQL aplication……….except it won’t let me just create an empty Table it wants me to define the the fields. Not really sure but there is nothing I can see that would help me define the table in any of the code or documentation for that plugin. I know nothing about MySQL and very little about PHP. I am hosting this at ANHosting which is a new host for me so the whole Blogging thing is pretty confusing right now.

    I think the plugin is in the right place? @ / public_html / wp-content / plugins / pre-publish-reminders

    But I get the following: WordPress database error: [Table ‘mydatabase_wrdp1.wp_pre_publish_reminders’ doesn’t exist]SELECT Reminder_ID, Reminder_Text, Reminder_Background_Color, Reminder_Text_Color, Reminder_Order, Is_Bold, Is_Italic FROM wp_pre_publish_reminders ORDER BY Reminder_Order

    Can anyone tell me what fields I need to create when I add the new table?
    Also how the fields should be defined?
    I think the plugin was supposed to create the table but it doesn’t I have deactivated reactivated removed and reinstalled but nothing changes.



    You’re probably hosted on
    You must go to foruns.
    Here people will only be able to help you with hosted blogues.



    You’re at the wrong place. You need to post your question at



    Always read a sticky labeled Please Read Me First Before Posting…..

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