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mysterious ads messages

  1. "ads not by this site" message and blank spaces of various sizes have been showing up for the last few days
    Blog url:

  2. That's odd. Please take a screenshot of it and upload it into your Media Library ehere Staff can view it. When you have done that return to this thread and we will flag it for Staff attention.

  3. Thank you for your quick reply and suggestion.
    "ads screenshot 1" and "ads screenshot 2" have been added to my Media Library.

  4. I have flagged this thread so Staff take a look at your screenshots. Please be patient while waiting.

  5. We aren't running those ads, notice the "ads not by this site" below it.

    In the past, this has been the result of a corrupt browser extension or add-on, so I recommend disabling all of yours to see if that makes any improvement. Then, if it does, just re-enable each one individually until you find the cause.

  6. Thanks for the suggestion. I knew that the ads weren't yours, but since they appear only on your pages, I thought I'd ask you about them.

  7. Nice call. "Fast save 1.1" extension on Chrome was the culprit. Thanks again.

  8. Did you have any luck with disabling your browser's extensions?

    If so, would you please let us know which one was the problem?

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