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Mysterious blog ownership (mine)

  1. I have three WordPress blogs...all are pretty much defunct, so I thought I should probably delete them. But when I log in to my dashboard, I noticed that only two of them appear. (Call them Blog A and Blog B) Yet when I log into the third blog (Blog C) and click on 'Blog/Author'', then click on 'Manage My Blogs', it isn't there. It isn't a 'hidden' blog, so I don't understand. Does anyone have an answer?

    Thanks for any help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You probably created them with two different accounts, a common occurrence and easy to do.

    Just a note of Deleting a blog - that name will be gone forever even from you - we usually recommend that you set them to private if you just don't want others to read them. Then the blog is waiting if you change your mind next year.

    You did not provide a link to any blog so the above is only relevant if your blogs are on WordPress.COM.

  3. Thanks, auxclass, but I don't think that they're different accounts. They all appear to have the same If they were different accounts, they'd have different ones (different user names, etc.) unless I really don't get it.

  4. The same author can appear on more than one blog - I watch over a couple of blogs for friends and they have added me as an Editor / Admin so I show up with the same name on more than one blog and account.

    If you post the URL (links) to the blogs in question we can ask the staff to look and see who the owners are / accounts or who is who in the zoo.

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