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    I’m not sure how to search the forums to find existing answers to my problem. It seems such a combination of Word 2007’s rigid affection for templates instead of giving you a nice blank document you can format as you wish from the ground up, and the additional complications of on-line publishing, but my fonts never seem end up the same. If you visit my site, you will see the first two posts are obviously different. Yet in my Word 2007, from which I pasted the text (yes, I used the Paste from Word dealy), the two documents are both the same, Ariel size 12. I like the top post best, the second one is too large. But even though I’ve repasted it, it comes out the same!!


    Word 2007 claims to be a blog editor, but from the experience of several of my friends, it misses the mark by a wide margin.

    My suggestion is to download the free blog editor, Windows Live Writer or BlogDesk and use one of them. Both are free and both seem to work very well.



    Just don’t post from Word. Ever.


    I haven’t used the blog editor feature on Word. Tell you what, think I’ll try it. Then when that fails, will do the Windows Live Writer.

    I just have to learn to use Word 2007. My kid got it for me. But I hate that template stuff. I looked for a Completely Blank Template today, trying to fix the fonts. Seems like they would have provided for that in the new do!

    Thanks, Sacred Path. Won’t close this yet, maybe somebody has experience with the non-blog templates of Word 2007 and can solve all problems for me, ordinary Word problems and WordPress work, too.


    Thanks, Rosclarke, but 1. Word is what I own, and 2. all my posts were pasted from Word, using that dealy, and with the exception of this font thing and a spacing thing on only one other post, I can make it work well enough.




    You’ll see.



    I think if you want to do really fancy formatting or true “magazine” like publishing, then Word 2007 will do nicely. Its formatting features are really designed for print media, even though the blog/web publishing options are there.

    WordPress is really just for rich content with basic formatted input. The templates and styles in the themes list in your control panel is just to provide some variety. They aren’t intended to be 100% customizable as this is a hosted service.

    If you really need perfect placement every time as well as perfect formatting, then you need s professional designer and format it just the right way. This calls for someone already familiar with complex publishing.

    I’ve seen WP being used as an ezine and magazine publishing platform and even online protal, but these all have staff members.

    The WP built-in editor does what most bloggers need 99% of the time. If you need the other 1%, then chances are, one or two minor alterations won’t be enough. So for a blog alone, Word is overkill and you’re better off launching your own site anyway if you need more flexibility.

    After all, why use a hammer to open a box when a screw driver will do nicely? ;)


    The problem is Word does not speak web. It never has and it will typically put in all sorts of garbage code that at some point will kill your blog. It’s almost a certain guarantee. You cannot use MS and web standards in the same sentence.

    There isn’t a day that goes by that the volunteers do not have to explain to someone that the reason their blog is broken is due to pasting from word.

    Use Word at your own risk:


    I suppose that depends upon what one does when one composes. I couldn’t compose in wordpress itself. I use Dragonsoft (voice recognition software)that is writtten to interface with Word, but probably not WordPress, and a wireless headset. I work on writing that will be used elsewhere, including the print media, and I’d like all my work stored in one place–on my own hard drive, backed up offsite. I’m the lead story in the latest Cup of Comfort for Divorced Women, for example. (Don’t laugh, it buys latte.) So got to try to make the hammer finesse it.

    But thanks to all. To summarize the help I got, the idea seems to be, don’t use Word, that’s the source of the fonts being two different sizes. Use Windows LiveWriter or Blogdesk, or compose in the fine WordPress editor. This info will be useful to somebody.

    I’m bonded to Word, though. I own it and because I do more than blog, I need some of its features. So will first try the editor there, to see if I can’t work smarter than SacredPath’s friends, and then when that probably doesn’t work since I’m NOT smarter than SacredPath’s friends, I’ll try composing in Word and pasting into one of the editors mentioned above, and then bringing it to WordPress. That wasn’t mentioned as a strategy, and probably won’t work either, the Word formatting will come with it. But I’ll see.

    Thanks, all!


    @thewhitelilyblog: The point is, if you paste from Word you introduce junk code that will mess up your blog.

    Now, you must distinguish “composing” from formatting. If by composing you mean writing the text, you can very well work in Word: then just paste the text via the “Paste as plain text” button of the visual editor, or paste it in the html editor and switch to the visual for formatting. If by composing you mean formatting as well (e.g. indentation, font type or size changes etc.), then Word won’t do: you’ll have to do the formatting in either the visual post editor or in Windows Live Writer (or in a simple text editor such as Notepad, if you know and use html coding).

    As for Word per se, I don’t really know what happens in your 2007 PC version, as I am a Mac user, but I find it highly unlikely that the “rigid affection for templates” is exclusive: there MUST be an option for opening blank new documents instead of templates.

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