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mysterius smily face!

  1. there is a very small smily face in the upper right hand coner of my page
    and i was wondering why? is it some thing i did and if so how do i get rid of it
    and if not what is it? im not neccesarily sure i want to get rid of it but i would like to know how it got there! Any answers?

  2. If you use the forum search box the mystery will be solved. The tiny smiley face is an indication that the statistical program recording your blog stats is working just fine. No you cannot remove it.
    P.S. Some of us call it an "angie" because she's ever present busily collecting information but seems "brain dead".

  3. It is possible to hide it via CSS, but that may break your stats collection.

  4. Hmm, it shouldn't since it's still in the output.

    I'd be more worried aboiut issues with Google though as they seem to not like stuff hidden.

  5. You pretty much have to hide stuff with CSS with some themes though.

    So much of doing interesting things with CSS is hiding links if they aren't appropriate on pages, etc.

    Plus Sandbox outputs a list of all the pages on your site, so you have to hide that.


    The reason why I thought hiding might affect stats is because I wasn't sure if it was an image bug (small images that are used to track how often people see the image...) and if images are still loaded if they are display:none'd.

  6. Are people actually googling for Angela?

  7. You don't think I don't check up on my ex every so often?

  8. When last we heard she was answering questions at Yahoo, wasn't she?

  9. Yeah, something like that...

  10. I just noticed that the smiley face is on the admin side as well.

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