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Mystery blog appears in my account

  1. Out of the blue a new blog called "voichcorn" that I did not create has appeared in my main dashboard screen below the real blog that I run. I see that this unknown blog "voichcorn" has 1 post and 1 page but that is also somehow is tracking the content in my main blog. I'm afraid to delete this unknown blog for fear of wiping out my main blog ANTHIDOTE.

    What is this and how can I safely remove it?

    Tony Forcucci
    [email redacted]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It seems that blog (voichcorn)was created about a month ago. If you want I can remove it from your account.

  3. Hi Kardotim - thanks for the note. Yes please remove this mystery blog called "voichcorn" - I did not create it and don't have any idea how it ended up in my wordpress account. Do you know? Do not touch however the main blog called "Anthidote". That remains.


  4. I would suggest changing your password - just in case. Also if you have other admins you could ask them if they have been doing any tests.

  5. Anyone can transfer a blog to another account - all you need to know is the account name or email address - the receiving account just gets the blog - no requirement for the receiving account to OK the transfer - I think it just takes two clicks

    @kardotim - was the "mystery" blog created inside anthidote's account or was it transferred in?

  6. The blog has been removed from your account. As tandava108 suggest, you can change your password at:!/settings/

    @auxclass It was created inside anthidote's account.

  7. So much for my conspiracy theory


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