Mystique and domain mapping – a few things seem broken

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    I’m working on this site:

    We have mapped it to the domain

    I’ve noticed a few things that worked under the original URL, that don’t seem to work when you’re on Trying to figure out if these are quirks related to the Mystique theme or if something’s set up incorrectly?

    1) The site title does not appear at the top of the browser window. If you go to the title displays correctly, but from there’s no title visible.

    2) The Facebook and Twitter buttons don’t work. From they work fine. From they just load a blank page, unless I right-click and open in a new window (which isn’t intuitive!)

    3) Clicking the Indie Press Day header takes you to, not to Not intuitive (we don’t really want that WordPress URL to be visible to visitors, that was the point of domain mapping…)

    4) I can’t figure out how to link to a specific page from within the domain. On every page, the URL is with no subdomain. So for example, if I wanted to send someone straight to the contact page, I should be able to use the URL but that just sends you to the main page. (Of course, works just fine, but isn’t the URL we want to use.)

    Are there known solutions for these issues? They all seem to be related to the domain mapping but I’m at a loss for how to resolve them.


    The blog I need help with is



    You have not mapped anything

    No Domain Mapping Found

    There is no domain mapping upgrade for If you would like to use this domain you will first need to set up domain mapping.

    You are doing forward & mask – as long as you do that things will never work the way you want them to

    Domain Mapping:

    Then things will work correctly

    See Also Maybe: If you will be using custom email



    Thanks! I guess the person who set this up didn’t do the domain mapping upgrade (I thought he had). Glad it seems to be an easy solution. I’ll post back after I’ve done the upgrade to confirm if everything’s working.



    You be welcome & good luck

    Common confusion – remember there will be a time after you do the domain mapping that things will be erratic – up to 72 hours sometimes but changes will start after a few hours



    Everything’s working now. Thank you. :)

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