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Mystique Customizations?

  1. txcowboydancer

    I'm trying to do the following:

    1. Change the default width for the theme to make it fill more of the browser window (I'd like it to be flexible and set to 90%) rather than a fixed pixel size.

    2. Change the width of the columns so that they are also flexible and set to a percentage.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Here is a CSS example to get you started. It will make the main container, the content area container, and the sidebar a flexible width:

    #container {
    	width: 90%;
    #content-container {
    	width: 70%;
    #sidebar {
    	width: 28%;
    #branding {
    	width: 100%;

    You may also want to adjust your header image to something wider or that has cleaner areas on the left and right so it looks better repeated on an x-axis. Once you've uploaded a new image to your media library, you can replace the url() value in this example to change out the image to your custom image:

    #branding {
    	background: url('');

    Widget title backgrounds are currently set with an image:

    That won't work for a flexible width, so you could add something like this that's a bit simpler and will always work no matter what the sidebar width adjusts to:

    .widget-title, .widget-title span {
    	background: red;
    	border-radius: 8px;

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