Mystique has me mystified

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    I’m really not sure how to word this, as I’m still learning all this blogging mumbo jumbo. But here goes…
    I noticed yesterday that when I viewed my blog, that the social media buttons were not displayed. You have to click to open the post to use the social media buttons.
    However … for many months prior, these social media buttons have been displayed when viewing my blog on the homepage. But are now only shown when viewing a post or page.
    Am I making any sense. I hope so.
    Has Mystique changed something? I didn’t change anything with my social media buttons, which leaves me perplexed.
    Thank you in advance.



    I just checked your site and it looks like the “Sharing is Caring” section is displaying under all posts on the homepage. Is this what you were referring to? If so, please let us know that this issue is resolved.




    It has been resolved. How I don’t know. One day they are there, the next not, then back again.
    But they seem to be there today.
    Thank you.

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