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    Hello, it’s me again :)
    My Blog:
    I’m getting familiar with!

    Recently, I tried to limit the number of posts per page.
    So I went to Dashboard/Settings/Reading and limited it to 3 posts per page.
    It works fine in categories, but it doesn’t work on the home page.

    The home page still shows every single sticky post I’ve written from the beginning.
    So I have un-sticked (or whatever it’s called) the posts, and guess what – the featured image-banner on the top of my blog disappeared, and the limit started working on the home page.
    But I love the banner on the top, I don’t want to lose it – so I re-sticked the posts… And the banner appeared again, with the consequence that the limit doesn’t work on the home page.

    To sum up: Is there a way to apply the posts-per-page-limit to the home page, even on the sticky-posts?

    Thanks for your help in advance! :)

    The blog I need help with is



    The limitation is yours. If you keep creating more than 1 sticky post then that’s what will appear on your front page ie. as many sticky posts as you choose to create. Note that sticky posts are meant to be used for a single post that’s temporarily stuck to the front page. They are not meant to be used for numerous posts and when you create numerous sticky posts on your front page that’s what you get.



    Featured (“Sticky”) Post
    One featured post will show up in the header if the post is set as sticky, has a featured image attached, and the featured image is at least 940 pixels wide. If you have more than one post that meets these criteria the most recent post will be displayed.

    The featured post area will show in the header of every site page unless you expressly turn it off in Appearance → Theme Options; in that case it will only be displayed on the home page. <.blockquote>

    If you believe your theme is not operating correctly then you will have to contact Staff and ask for their help.


    If you love your banner and want it permanently there, you must upload it in Appearance>Header.



    @timethief: Thanks again for your help! :) So does that mean that the sticky-function is meant to be only temporal? So I should uncheck the function for all other posts manually! :)
    @panaghiotisadam: I meant the featured-banner, not the header image. :) But thanks for the reply!



    Oh nevermind, I found the bulk-action tab. :)



    Yay! Happy blogging. :)

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