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    Hi, I have checked the choice for showing my recent posts on my home page, yet when it loads, the article is not there. If I click on either link to the article (both in the featured article section/pic and on the sidebar) it takes me to a different page (which I have not consciously created and doesn’t show up on pages) where I find exactly what I want to be on my home page. It’s all there. Why is it doing this? I have tried reloading the featured image since that seems to be the problem. It is on my home page until I add that image. However, it worked just fine on the other page. This is my first post and I have read and explored all the help categories. They only tell me how to make my home page static when the problem is it thinks it’s static already! I read that the featured image needs to be 940 wide, but is the length an issue?

    The blog I need help with is


    When you set a featured image to a post, the whole post will show up on your front page and the featured image will show up as a small thumbnail before the post title. When you set a featured image to a post plus make that post a “featured post” by setting it as a sticky, then the post moves above the other posts, but its content doesn’t show: you get the full-width image and the title only (as a link to the complete post). Below the featured image you would see the rest of your posts, but since you only have one post you see nothing.

    And since you only have one post, there’s no point making it a sticky/featured post. Go to Posts > All Posts, hover under the post title, click Quick Edit, uncheck the option “Make this post sticky”, click Update.



    Thank you! That wasn’t clear before now. I do have another question though. Is there a way to still have the nice big featured picture at the top? I’m wanting the emphasis to be on my photos as much as my writing, so it would be really nice to have. Would it work to just put it in the header? That seems to be further up to me. Thanks.


    You’re welcome.

    Yes of course you can upload a header image instead, in Appearance > Header. Image has to be in the right dimensions for the theme (940×200 pixels).

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