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    Hi everyone, i am very new blogging and the wordpress world and have built my blog which i will be opening very soon. It took me 1 week i guess on and off.

    I have read so much and watched so many tutorials my brain now hurts but they have all been really useful..

    But i have somethings that i can’t resolve or seem to get any answers on.

    Opening links in a new window.

    i have managed to do this with the Blogroll Links and the Links i put into the press releases.

    but i also have to more sections with links

    the first is in my header with the theme options for Twitter and Facebook i can’t find out to make these links open in a new window

    the second area is the pictures i have in the side bar and another on the footer bar, again i can’t seem to get these to open there links in a new window.

    Can anyone help me with these Links??

    Thank you


    The blog I need help with is



    You are the second person this morning who has asked about this. I’m sorry but the fields for social networking URLs on the Theme Options page do not allow you to add target=”_blank”


    Thanks for the swift answer and sorry i did search for the answer first with no luck…

    So i also take it that is the same for the image widgets i am using for the side bar and bottom bar??

    PS..Did you like the site…??



    For your images, though, if you put in the url by hand, just add target=”_blank” as timethief mentions in her response. Images can also be inserted into a sidebar using a text widget; you do not have to use the image widget. You have more flexibility using the text widget, though you do have to put in any html by hand.


    oh ok…

    not great with codes but will give it a go.

    the image urls are


    so i add target=”_blank”

    what at the begining or end

    do i add anything else

    sorry to sound stupid but how would the above urls end up looking like with this code.



    oh sorry i will try it with both text and image widgets i take it the code will be the same for both…


    i added this and it did not work…


    I appreciate the advice but i don’t understand target=”_blank”

    i worked the above out from google etc

    but even there it is written complete tech speak so now good for the likes of me.

    right i even added a text box and tried there but how do i add an image to a text box ??

    and then i guess i have to add a code like above to the image code??

    This is a part that is not explained very well anywhere as i can see it…and only computer tech individuals can work it out…which is only a small part of the population

    Sorry if i sound stressed because i have been trying to find this out etc for 2 days now.



    so i see the link code i tried to show turned into a link

    < a href = ” http://www . birminghamcityforum . co .uk ” target = ” _ blank ” > www . birminghamcityforum . co .uk < / a >

    ok i added gaps so it could be visible…

    hope it works



    That’s it. It should work for you. If you’re putting the link around an image, just put in the img src code and then put the anchor (“a href” stuff) around the img code.

    If you want to put in code w/o messing with spacing when you’re writing a post to the forum, enclose the code in “back ticks” — that’s usually to the left of the “1” on the upper row of keys and on the same key as the wavy tilde-type character.



    Why don’t you simply use the Editor to create links? Then you can simply “tick” the box in the Open link in new window/tab.
    Please see here >
    How to Create Links with the Visual Editor
    How to Create Links with the HTML Editor



    Here’s an example of an image code with a blank target in the link:
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>




    I agree with timethief — that would be an easy way to create the text for the text widget. Just copy and paste the html into your widget, and no muss, no fuss. And as you see the html code produced, you’ll learn how to tweak it yourself when you need to.


    ok …got it and all done in new text boxes rather than image boxes..

    need to do some picture cropping but apart from that its all good

    Thank you very much

    and thank you for your time and patience



    I checked it out — good job! I’m glad we were able to help. :-) Have fun with your blog!


    Thanks mate…

    having even more fun trying to work out how to set this up

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