Mystique Theme – Automatic call button for smart phones viewing my site?

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    Is there a way to put in some kind of code for those on a mobile phone, to have a call button there automatically where i have phone numbers listed?

    If possible, could i get the code for widgets, posts and pages pretty please :-)

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is


    @aimeebourke, do you have your phone number somewhere on your site? In my experience, if a phone number is formatted correctly, my phone will show it as a link that when clicked will start the call for me.


    Have a look at this page, which shows the formats that will be picked up by iPhone and Android.

    You can also wrap the phone number is some HTML to make sure. Here is an example.

    <a href="tel:5554441234">(555) 444-1234</a>



    OH wow it totally does! Thanks so much! might have to put the number in a more easily accessible location now hehe! :-)


    You are welcome.

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